Frozen Dessert

“Milkmaid” by Raja Ravi Varma Famed Artist of India, 1848-1906

We make two, milk based, all natural desserts, which are both kept frozen. More desserts are in the planning. As frozen foods, these items are not shipped to consumers directly and are sold only in stores serviced by our distributors. These desserts are also available for food service.

"‘Stressed’ is just ‘desserts’ spelled backward ." - unknown

Gulab Jamun

Translates literally as Rose (Gulab) Plum (Jamun) because of the rose flavor and plum like looks.Among the most popular sweets of India, Gulab Jamuns are milk products based, cake like balls that are soaked in rosewater flavored syrup. Unique to JYOTI Gulab Jamuns is the small core of nuts and cardamom core filling that puts those beautiful dessert balls in an elegant class well above all the others.

Gulab Jamuns are packed in trays, heat sealed and frozen. A one year “Best BY” date is given for frozen Gulab Jamuns, which can be defrosted, and refrozen if needed. Packed 12 Pcs/tray, Net 24 oz, each tray lidded with heat sealed film, and enclosed in a sealed box. 6 trays per case shipped FROZEN.



Fragrant, creamy rice pudding made with Basmati Supreme Rice, milk, cream, nuts, Cardamom and Kewra flower water (a unique food fragrance from India). Packed in 16 oz containers kept frozen. Freezer life is one year from production date.

KEWRA Fragrance Information:

Kewra flower, also known as Ketki, has only one use: it fragrance, especially in food.

The famous Indian Philosopher and Master Politician, Chanakya (The Diplomatic Enclave in Delhi is named Chanakyapuri in his honor) had the following to say about Kewra (Ketki):

“O Ketki flower! Serpents live in your midst, you bear no edible fruits, your leaves are covered with thorns, you are crooked in growth, you thrive in mud, and you are not easily accessible. Still, for your exceptional fragrance, you are as dear as a kinsmen to others.
"Hence, a single excellence overcomes a multitude of blemishes." - Chanakya Niti