Punjabi Chhole

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Chickpeas with potatoes, onions, and spices in a tangy, aromatic sauce.
Serve with bread, rice, couscous or as a side dish.

Ready to Eat, just heat and serve!

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Package: Cans, 15 oz net weight (425g)
Shelf Life (from date of production): 3 years

Ingredients: Chickpeas, water, fresh onions, non-GMO (soybean oil, corn Starch), potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and spices

Sodium note: Punjabi Chhole is normally served with unsalted rice and bread which share its salt content.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs

(1) 15 oz can, (6) 15 oz cans, (12) 15 oz cans

5 reviews for Punjabi Chhole

  1. Frank Mongeau

    This is the best Jyoti product for spicy food lovers! It has this very unique taste I cannot find anywhere else.

    Wonderful side dish with almost anything ( rice, pastas and even salads) you can also bring it down a notch by simply adding tomatoes and spinach. True spicy food lovers like myself will enjoy it as it is 😉

    Been a fan of Jyoti products for years and I just can’t find anything so flavory and addictive for my taste buds !

    Frank , the spicy food lover 🙂

  2. Drew

    What can I say: We have bought these by the case so we would have a year’s worth of Indian food. They are THE standard by which all others are measured. Could eat this everyday and never get tired of it…

  3. Param Singh

    I stumbled across a can of Jyoti Punjabi Chhole during a trip to local Indian grocery shop in Ann Arbor, MI. Loved the ease of having delicious chhole ready in 5 minutes. The gravy was thick, so I used approx 3/4 of a can of water to dilute it. Then I boiled the mixture, while constantly stirring it. Salt and spices were just right to be served with rice.

    Gonna order my next set of cans once I’m done moving into the new apartment.

  4. Flyyyyy

    I have tried other brands of the Saag Paneer but Jyoti is hands down, the best. After purchasing it in my local grocery store , I ate it that day and went back the next day to buy any more they had. Unfortunately for me none was available. I immediately took to the company website to fullfil my order where I was happy to see they also have Masala Chai Tea….I cant wait to get my order. This food always makes me feel good after eating it.

  5. Jeremy Ellison

    I love it!

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