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Jyoti Matar-Paneer is a vegetable dish made with sweet green peas and Indian paneer cheese in a tomato, onion sauce.
Uniquely healthful and delicious! A note about ginger fibers: We use fresh ginger in our plant, and it always has long fibers that may look like they came from an artist’s brush. We first run ginger through a dicer, then grind it so the fibers are short. In the summer time, ginger is more mature and the fibers become thicker and more visible and can be found in Matar-Paneer and other products.

Ready to Eat, just heat and serve!

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Package: Cans, 15 oz net weight (425g)
Shelf Life (from date of production): 3 years

Ingredients: Green peas, water, Paneer cheese cubes, onion, sour cream, non-GMO (soybean oil, cornstarch), tomato paste, lemon juice, spices, salt, ginger, garlic.

Allergens: Milk

Sodium note: Delhi Saag is normally served with unsalted rice and bread which share its salt content.

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(1) 15 oz can, (6) 15 oz cans, (12) 15 oz cans

4 reviews for Matar-Paneer

  1. Tanya McMikle

    Smooth, perfectly flavored. Our family all adore this product, its a treat every time we serve this.

  2. Amanda Ohlandt

    This is absolutely delicious! A big favorite for my husband and I. We’re amazed at the authentic tastes of Jyoti’s canned products. I don’t know how they do it, but you won’t be disappointed! The closest you will get to restaurant quality out there. For a fraction of the price.

  3. Debbie W.

    I absolutely love this product, and could eat it day and night! It is the only processed food I eat and it is non-GMO, and has no chemicals, and is vegetarian. And did I mention, delicious! It is my most favorite food, even above pizza!!

  4. Deb

    I just tried Jyoti for the first time tonight, and is was the matar-paneer. I didn’t have high hopes for Indian food in a can, but boy was I wrong! This is the best pre-packaged I’ve tried! Really, really good taste and texture with a nice spice level. I am really glad I picked this up and look forward to trying more (I have a can of the saag as well. That’s next to try.) Thank you for making something so easy, taste so good.

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