Our Background

Jyoti Gupta (Founder,1979):

- MS (Nutrition), at graduation time, set the highest score record at Texas Women’s University!

- Recognized by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) as a role model for young dietitians.

- ADA Vegetarian Dietetics Journal has written about the healthfulness of JYOTI Foods, as have various other vegetarian Journals. See copies in the Press section.

- Holds Food Processing Diplomas from University of California and Rutgers University.

- Registered Dietitian.

Vijai Gupta(co-founder):

- Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), McGill University, M.Sc.Tech. (Banaras Hindu University)
I refer to BHU as among the world’s most beautiful campuses, so a few photos of this University are attached.

- Inventor of 24 U.S. patented technologies, much more but different technologies patented in Canada and other countries.

- Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (2005-2009) on Technical Issues.

- Member of Grocery Manufacturers Association Advisory Council and Process Technologies Committee.

- DuPont ‘Distinguished Speaker Series’ speaker.

- Invited speaker at the World Conference on Food Technology Innovations, New Delhi, 2013.

- Golden Jubilee Visiting Fellow, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, 2013.

"I never think of the future – it comes soon enough!"
– Einstein
Some photos of Banaras Hindu University, situated on the banks of Ganga in a 3 square mile walled area with over 30 such buildings
Agriculture College
Institute Of Technology One of many buildings
Chemistry Building
University Art Gallery