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Jyoti Matar-Paneer is a vegetable dish made with sweet green peas and Indian paneer cheese in a tomato, onion sauce.

Uniquely healthful and delicious! A note about ginger fibers: We use fresh ginger in our plant, and it always has long fibers that may look like they came from an artist's brush. We first run ginger through dicer, then grind it so the fibers are short. In the summertime, ginger is more mature and the fibers become thicker and more visible and can be found in Matar-Paneer and other products.

Ready to Eat, just heat and serve!


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Package: Cans, 15 oz net weight (425g)

Shelf Life (from date of production): 3 years

Ingredients: Green peas, water, Paneer cheese cubes, onion, sour cream, non-GMO (soybean oil, cornstarch), tomato paste, lemon juice, spices, salt, ginger, garlic.

Allergens: Milk

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