Made in the USA, All BPA Free Packaging! Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options! Ready-to-Eat, fully cooked; just heat and serve!

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  • Matar-Paneer ($3.50$36.00)
    reviewed by Debbie W.

    I absolutely love this product, and could eat it day and night! It is the only processed food I eat and it is non-GMO, and has no chemicals, and is vegetarian. And did I mention, delicious! It is my most favorite food, even above pizza!!

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  • Madras Sambar ($3.50$36.00)
    reviewed by Valeria Bleistein

    Hope I managed to give 5 stars. All of the canned meals are versatile. What I do with Madras Sambar is add lots of steamed veggies to it, adding water. This makes a big pot of "Indian veggie stew".

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