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We are an MBE Food Processor making shelf stable (retorted) foods in pouches and cans, including food service packs. Sold at Whole Foods since 1980, our pouches and cans are sold nationwide at stores like Safeway. We also make frozen and refrigerated foods that are served on-board by major Airlines like United and Delta. We are an S Corporation (1979) and currently employ about 25 people. All Natural, Vegetarian, Specialty and Religious Foods (Halal, Jain, Gluten Free, Vegan etc.) is our specialty. We own a take-out style restaurant and can supply foods packed suitably for eateries.


SHELF STABLE (Retorted): We can make MREs and components of MREs in retort pouches of any size including food service pouches of up to 5 lb. With our newly invented technology, we can make rice and rice blends in pouches that deliver better rice dishes than similar freshly made. We cook beans in lightly salted water in retort pouches instead of metal cans, that provide perfect beans with no mush as one gets from # 10 cans. Disposal of the empty pouch is easy.

FROZEN: We also make frozen entrees and rice in 5 lb foil trays that are widely used by caterers like Gate Gourmet and LSG Skychefs and which are well suited for institutional cafeterias. We make various chutneys and condiments in frozen bulk packs and in shelf stable single serve packs.

FLEXIBILITY: We have the flexibility to produce foods and packaging new to us. With plenty of floor space, utilities, varied machinery on hand and engineering expertise, we can readily adapt to new products and processes including R&D.


Our 50,000 sq. ft. plant is located near the Philadelphia Airport, off I-95. We have three FMC Steam-Water Spray retorts which combined, can process about 5000 pouches (10 oz) per cycle of about 2 hours. We have four vertical steam retorts that can sterilize 6000 cans (15 oz) per cycle. Several filling and sealing machines, vacuum sealers, drive-in freezers, shrink tunnels and labeling and palletizing equipment are on hand. Skilled and unskilled labor is abundant.


Vijai Gupta, CEO: PhD (Chemical Engineering), McGill University. Inventor of 24 U.S. patented technologies. Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture on Technical Issues (2005-2009). Member of Grocery Manufacturers Association Emerging Technologies Committee. DuPont ‘Distinguished Speaker Series’ speaker. Invited speaker at the World Conference on Food Technology Innovations, 2013.

Jyoti Gupta, President: Registered Dietitian, MS (Nutrition), Houston Medical Center! Chief Clinical Dietitian, Philadelphia Naval Hospital. Recognized by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) as a role model for young dietitians. Holds Food Processing and Food Safety Diplomas from U. California and Rutgers U.

Sunil Manchanda: MBA. 30 + years of worldwide Food and Beverage Marketing.


Pourshins (Gate Gourmet): Catering to Airlines and Amtrak nationwide
United Natural Foods (UNFI): Distributor of Natural Foods, USA and Canada
Kehe Distributors: Nationwide Distributions of Groceries
Michael Lewis Co: Nationwide Distributor of Food to Airport Caterers

Jyoti Natural Foods
300 Elmwood Avenue
Sharon Hill, PA 19079

Contact: Sunil Manchanda

FAX: 610-522-2652


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Certified Minority and
Woman owned Small Business

Certified HALAL Plant
Certified Organic
FDA Inspected

Shelf-Stable (Retorted) Foods

RTE entrées in cans
RTE entrées in pouches
Basmati with Cashews
RTE rice pouches, plain and blends with beans etc.
Pinto beans in clear pouch, not mushy like canned beans.


Egg Wrap in heat-proof foil
Tandoor Roti Bread
Potato-Veggie Patty in Muffin
Potato-Pepper from 5lb frozen pan
5lb frozen pan in shrink film
Mixed Vegetables from 5lb frozen pan

Jyoti Facility Headquarters

Our 50,000 sq ft plant is located near Philadelphia Airport, off I-95 in Delaware County


Various steam-heated kettles

Retorts for sterilizing pouches and cans

The human touch


Most of the packaging material we use is recyclable. The cans we use are made with 60 + % recycled steel.

Water and Energy Conservation: A lot of cooling water is required to cool the pouches and cans after those are sterilized at 245 ºF in retorts shown below, that weight 10,000 lb with load. We use city water for cooling in winter and well water for cooling in summer. The very hot water produced from cooling is stored in insulated tanks and is piped around the building for washing the floors and non-food machinery. Warm water is sent back to a receiving well.

Water and energy conservation equipment

Steam-Water Spray FMC retort

Waste Cardboard: We receive a lot of produce and supplies in cardboard boxes. Some of that cardboard is converted into cushioning material for our outgoing shipments. The rest is made into bales that are recycled to the paper industry.

Recycle cardboard boxes

Cushion material for package shipping

Recycle bales to paper

Waste Cooking Oil: We keep frying oil very fresh for making snacks, Poori etc. Used oil is recycled for Bio-Fuel.