Frozen Ready to Serve Entrées

Jyoti Natural Foods supplies meals plated for airlines, and nearly all these items can be supplied as bulk trays for catering use. Most items are frozen and some are shelf stable. All items can be certified Halal at an additional cost.

Michael Lewis Co. is our distributor for the Airlines, but we also ship directly to caterers nationwide for airline and non-airline use. Caterers like Gate Gourmet, LSG Skychefs, Flying Foods and Chelsea use our foods for many airlines flying from US Airports. Air France, American, British, Caribbean, Continental, Delta, Qatar, Singapore, United and others have specified Jyoti foods to be used by their caterers.

The following are some of the meal plates we use for airlines, as well as pictures of available bulk trays. All airline plate components can be supplied as 5lb foil pans for catering.

Breakfast (Halal Available):

We also make many other breakfast combinations using various components, some of which are listed here.

Cream of Wheat Halwa-Sweetened cream of wheat with cashews
Upma-Seasoned cream of wheat with green peas & spices
Sautéed Bean Mix-Breakfast beans with spices
Dhokla-Steamed lentil cake with chutney
Dal Wada-Lentil fritters
Bonda-Potato fritters
Vegetable cutlets-Round fried patty of potatoes & vegetables
Chiwra Peas-Seasoned flatted rice with green peas

Hot Lunch/Dinner (Halal Available):

Hot Meals for Japan and Korea:

We serve many flights to Japan and Korea with Korean, Japanese and Indian foods, some are shown below (also available in 5lbs foil pans):

Listed below are many of the meal components that we make and can supply in plated form in any combination or in bulk pans. Many of these items qualify as vegan and can be assembled for vegan meals. Some Airlines are getting only Vegan meals from us to serve to SPML, AVML, VGML, HNML and MOML.

Meal Components (Vegetarian):

Channa Masala– Chick Peas in tangy sauce
Toor Dal– Yellow Lentils with fresh vegetables
Black Beans– Aromatic lentils & beans in their own sauce with onions & spices
Baby Dark Chick Peas– Baby dark chick peas in spicy sauce
Red Kidney Beans– Red Kidney beans with creamy sauce
Green Beans Masala– Green beans with tomato sauce
Saag Paneer– Indian Cheese with spinach and mild spices
Paneer Makhani– Indian cheese in creamy tomato sauce
Matar Paneer– Indian cheese and Green peas with tomato onion sauce
Saag Alu– Spinach and potatoes with mild spices
Peas Mushroom– Green Peas & Mushrooms in tomato onion sauce
Rice Plain– Aromatic Basmati rice
Yellow Rice with Cumin– Aromatic Basmati rice with cumin
Rice with Peas– Aromatic Basmati rice with Green Peas
Rice with Carrots– Aromatic Basmati Rice with carrots

Meal Components (Non-Vegetarian): 

Chicken Tikka Masala– Chicken in aromatic Masala cream sauce
Chicken Curry– Chicken in aromatic Masala sauce
Butter Chicken– Buttery chicken curry
Lamb Curry– Lamb in spicy sauce with herbs

All of the meal components can be used in any combination for meal plates or can be supplied in bulk pack (5 lb pans).

Jain Meals (JNML):

There is a growing demand for “JAIN” meals on international flights. Jain meals are Vegetarian (not Vegan) but exclude tubers and bulbs and all other foods that grow below the ground surface.

Some of our Jain Meals are shown below:

Vegetarian Meals – Western Cuisine:

We also make vegetarian meals in styles other than Indian Cuisine. What ever is needed!