Breads, Salads, and Accompaniments


Our breads have been specially developed to go through Freeze-thaw cycles without becoming leathery! Most of our breads are shaped to fit on a YC meal plate, between two layers of foils, and are heated along with a casserole dish.

We make many different kinds of breads to compliment the main meal components, listed here are a few:

Tandoori Bread-Plain– Indian style bread (unleavened)
Tandoori with Garlic & Mint– Indian style bread with garlic & mint
Tandoori  with Pumpkin– Indian style bread with Pumpkin puree
Pumpkin Poori– Hand made, deep fried bread w pumpkin
Ajwain Poori– Poori with Oregano seeds
Various Parantha breads 

Appetizers, Snacks, Mid-Meal Service:

We make a variety of snack items for before dinner and mid-meal service. We coined the name “Appeteasers” for our spicy Indian snack mix when we started serving on British Airways around 1997. Today, Appeteasers are offered in two versions: 1. Classic Indian style with fried components and, 2. similar composition and taste but with 40% dry roasted (instead of fried) components. Our snacks are peanut-free.


“Appeteasers” Spicy Hot Snack Mix

Pickled Veggies
A Hot and Tart, highly aromatic condiment, almost always served with Indian meals.

Pickled Veggies

Mathari (Room temp)
Dough crisps with onion seeds and oregano seeds. This is a very common cold snack in India, normally served with lemon relish.

Cold Breakfast: Mathari, Mango Yogurt, Lime Relish, Fruit

Dinner Epilogue
An Ayurvedic Mouth Freshener and Digestive with fennel, sesame and coriander seeds, coconut, peppermint and rose extract.

Dinner Epilogue

Salad-type Appetizer with Dip (Cold)
A variety of cold salads and other lite fare can be prepared with vegetarian and vegan ingrediants.

Chick Pea Medley with Tamarind Nut Chutney

Fritters (Cold)

Wraps (Hot)
Flour Tortilla Wraps with various Indian stuffing are served mid-meal on long flights. Wraps are packed in oven safe foil bags.